ecotone a transition zone where different ecological communities
meet and come together to form a diverse, dynamic, and rich space
where growth happens and change is made.

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Ecotones Now is a vibrant reflection of representation, engagement, and community. We’re a 100% independent, volunteer-run podcast companion to EHN, a platform to showcase the environmental-related work and expertise of graduate students and early career scholars who identify as women, trans and/or nonbinary people. The podcast was created to bring EHN’s mission to the podcasting space, to share contributors’ work more widely, and to give EHN contributors an opportunity to produce a show that corresponds to and expands EHN’s work.

Produced in seasons by a rotating cast of hosts, Ecotones Now is a collaborative, inclusive addition to podcasts on environmental history. The first season, “Our Community’s Voices,” features contributors sharing their written pieces and coming together in conversation. It’s hosted, edited, and produced by Emma Moesswilde and Natalie Wilkinson, with music provided by Natalie Wilkinson and Christine Murphy. For more on this first season, click here.

You can follow and connect with Ecotones Now on Twitter. Episodes are released every other Wednesday on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Podcasts – and published here on EHN. Thanks for listening! 

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Season 2

Coming in September 2023!

Season 1 – Our’s Community’s voices

Episode 1 ft. Anna Guasco
Episode 2 ft. Asmae Ourkiya
Episode 3 ft. Kristen Brig-Ortiz
Episode 4 ft. Ligia Arguilez
Episode 5 ft. Ana Sekulić 
Episode 6 ft. Luísa Reis-Castro
Episode 7 ft. Celeste Henery and Ramya Swayamprakash
Episode 8 (Season Finale) ft. EHN’s Executive Team