Ecotones Now: Episode 2.2 ft. Knar Gavin

In this episode, Knar Gavin shares and reflects on “Problems of Place: Breath Under Threat, With And In the Absence of Iodine.”

Dr. Knar Gavin (they/any) recently obtained a PhD in English at the University of Pennsylvania. Their research attends to representations of environmental crisis in late 20th- and 21st-century poetry and poetics, and they are especially drawn toward engaging the prefigurative political possibilities that emerge in works of docu- and eco-poetry to contend with U.S. imperial power. Knar is also the co-creator of the covidXclimate project at the Penn Program for Environmental Humanities.

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This show is hosted, produced, and edited by Natalie Wilkinson, with music provided by Natalie Wilkinson and Christine Murphy. Special thanks to Emma Moesswilde and Elizabeth Hameeteman. More Ecotones Now? Check out Season 1 here. Thanks for listening!