Introducing Ecotones Now: A Vibrant Reflection on Representation, Engagement, and Community

Editor’s Note: It’s EHN’s four-year anniversary this week! Like in previous years, we’ll be celebrating all week long by featuring new and exciting work every day to mark the occasion. Today, something extra special: the launch of our podcast, Ecotones Now.

* * *

ecotone a transition zone where different ecological communities
meet and come together to form a diverse, dynamic, and rich space
where growth happens and change is made.

* * *

For the past four years, EHN has served as a vibrant, ever-growing community for environmentally oriented graduate students and early career scholars who identify as women, trans and/or nonbinary people. Through its website and blog, Twitter presence, and events and initiatives, it’s become a source of inspiration, support, and exciting scholarship for folks working on environmental topics of all kinds. Today, we’re thrilled to launch its companion podcast, Ecotones Now.

Ecotones Now was created to bring EHN’s mission to the podcasting space, to share contributors’ work more widely, and to give EHN contributors an opportunity to produce a show that corresponds to and expands EHN’s work. The podcast format also fosters accessible engagement with EHN’s mission and makes it available to a wider audience. Produced in seasons by a rotating cast of hosts, Ecotones Now is a collaborative, inclusive addition to podcasts on environmental history. Conceptualized by EHN’s outreach coordinator, Emma Moesswilde, the podcast is a new way for contributors and readers to be a part of EHN’s work. 

The inaugural season of Ecotones Now brings new life to some of EHN’s thought-provoking pieces on praxis, research, and the work of environmental scholarship today. It features contributors sharing their pieces in their own voices and coming together in conversation. 

You can follow and connect with Ecotones Now on Twitter. Episodes are released every other Wednesday on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Podcasts – and will also be published here on EHN. Thanks for listening! 

The podcast’s first season is hosted, edited, and produced by Emma Moesswilde and Natalie Wilkinson, with music by Natalie Wilkinson and Christine Murphy.

To be a part of the next season of Ecotones Now, contact Emma at