Author: Emma C. Moesswilde

Emma C. Moesswilde (she/her) is EHN’s outreach coordinator. She’s a doctoral candidate in the Department of History at Georgetown University. Her dissertation project investigates the relationships between climate change and agricultural practice by examining rural experiences of and adaptations to seasonal variability across the British Northern Atlantic from 1540-1816. Emma is committed to incorporating multidisciplinary methods and evidence to understand how rural communities responded and adapted to climate change over the course of the early modern period. Born and raised in midcoast Maine, Emma has lived and worked in rural communities and environments for much of her life, including projects with Maine Farmland Trust and Maine Conservation Voters. She earned a B.A. cum laude in History and Environmental Studies from Bowdoin College in 2018, and an M.A. in History from Georgetown in 2021. Her scholarly work has contributed to publications such as Nature and H-Environment and been featured in Active History and NiCHE. Emma also co-hosts the podcast Climate History. She lives in Washington, D.C., where she can often be found looking for dinner ingredients at the farmers’ market or exploring parks with her dog, Mouse.