Ecotones Now: Episode 2.1 ft. Jessica M. DeWitt

In this episode, Jessica M. DeWitt shares and reflects on “Problems of Place: Place in Three Acts.”

Dr. Jessica M. DeWitt (she/her) is a historian of Canadian and American environmental history. She’s the editor-in-chief and the social media editor of the Network in Canadian History and Environment (NiCHE).

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For Jessica’s two other essays as part of her trilogy of posts for EHN’s Problems of Place series, click here and here.

Jessica has a forthcoming chapter in the Routledge Handbook of Environmental History, edited by Emily O’Gorman, William San Martín, Mark Carey, and Sandra Swart (Routledge, 2024). For more on Jessica’s other work, see her website.

This show is hosted, produced, and edited by Natalie Wilkinson, with music provided by Natalie Wilkinson and Christine Murphy. Special thanks to Emma Moesswilde and Elizabeth Hameeteman. More Ecotones Now? Check out Season 1 here. Thanks for listening!