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A Healing Hillock, or a True “Magic Mountain”? On Defining the Locations of Tuberculosis Treatment

Tuberculosis in the nineteenth century was a big business in the British Empire. With the development of mineral spa towns in Australia, the promulgation of localities deemed to be the most suitable for the treatment of tuberculosis “meant there was no slow accretion of legend or folk medicine… it was always self-consciously scientific” in how sites were appraised and described.

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Towards a Spiritual Reimagining of Climate and its Changes

In recent weeks, we have continued to see the residual impacts of climate change. And while tumultuous weather conditions—hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, snowstorms, and the like—have become a hot topic in our changing climate, there is perhaps little discussion about the role that the sacred and spiritual play in how we grapple with shifting landscapes, vulnerable populations, and what we can only predict may be worsening living conditions.