Author: Asmae Ourkiya

Asmae Ourkiya (they/them) is a former content and review editor for EHN. They are a Moroccan environmentalist and human rights activist residing in Cork, Ireland. After securing a Masters degree in Green Cultural Studies, Asmae is currently a PhD candidate and a research and teaching assistant at Mary Immaculate College at the the University of Limerick, Ireland. Their main research interests are queer ecofeminism, social justice, environmental justice, climate change, minority rights, and human rights. Asmae's dissertation focuses on expanding queer intersectional ecofeminism. With the aim of disseminating their research findings, they are also a freelance journalist who contributed to a number of magazines and online platforms such as RTÉ Brainstorm and The Green News Ireland. They have also been active internationally to support different causes revolving around but not limited to climate justice, minority rights, women's rights, and LGBTQ rights.