EHN at ASEH 2023

Attending this week’s conference of the American Society for Environmental History?
Read on for all things EHN in Boston!

Note: all mentioned times are in EST.

EHN Session

Consider joining our session based on EHN’s ongoing blog series on Problems of Place, featuring graduate students and early career scholars who will discuss the importance of community, connection, and belonging.

We’re excited for Ligia Arguilez, Kristin Brig-Ortiz, Ángela Castillo-Ardilla, Endia Hayes, Aylin Malcolm, and Genie Yoo to share their reflections in this session moderated by Anastasia Day and Elizabeth Hameeteman on Friday, March 24 at 8:30-10:00am.

* * *

EHN Meetup

Come meet and grab a drink with some of the people behind the initiative – Anastasia Day, Anna Guasco, Elizabeth Hameeteman, Aly Kreikemeier, Ramya Swayamprakash, and Genie Yoo – at the EHN meetup on Friday, March 24 from 8:00 to 9:00pm at Back Bay Social (867 Boylston St., about a 4-minute walk from the conference venue). We hope to see you there!

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EHN contributors on the schedule

Thursday, March 23
Julia Fine – presenter on the panel “Food in the Anthropocene”

10:30am to 12:00pm
Kristin Brig-Ortiz – chair of the panel “Salvage Stories: Environmental and Material Histories of Reclamation” 
Simone Schleper and Raechel Lutz – presenter on and chair of the panel “The Silver Snake at Fifty: Environmental Controversies and Impacts of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System”

1:30 to 3:00pm
Kate Carpenter and Bathsheba Demuth – presenter on and chair of the panel “Environmental Histories beyond the Academy: Storytelling for Diverse Publics”
Elizabeth Hameeteman – chair of the panel “Australian Waters and their More-than-Human Cultures”
Alyssa Kreikemeier – presenter on the panel “Resisting Toxic Futures: Settler Colonialism, Environmental Racism, and Community Activism”
Sarah Pickman – commentator on the panel “Lofty Imaginings: Histories of Mountain Lands”
Emma Schroeder – presenter on the panel “Energy Flows, Citizenship, and Power: Narrating Low-Energy Histories for Just Energy Futures”

Anna Guasco – presenter on the panel “Marine Science and Sustainability”
Endia Hayes – presenter on the panel “Thinking with Food Imaginaries: Beyond Conventional Narratives of 20th Century Food and Farm Histories”
Allison Puglisi – presenter on the panel “Fair Housing and Environmental Justice in the United States”
Faizah Zakaria – presenter on the panel “From Empire to Nationalism: The Visual Archive of Southeast Asian Natures”

Friday, March 24
Rohini Patel – presenter on the panel “Health, Pollution, and Environmental Justice”

Adrian Cato – moderator of the panel “Black Ecologies On Land, At Sea and In Between”
Tamara Fernando – presenter on the panel “Resisting Nature: Imperial Projects and the Limits of Environmental Knowledge”

Saturday, March 25
Kaitlin Stack Whitney – chair of the panel “Common Knowledge: Categories of Expertise in Environmental Issues”

Erin Spinney – poster presenter 

Bathsheba Demuth – chair of the panel “America’s ‘Animal Industrial Complex’: Navigating Animal History in and Beyond Industrial Capitalism”
Isabelle Gapp, Heather Green, and Mica Jorgenson – participants on the roundtable “Northern Environments and Northern Borderlands”
Jessica Samuel – presenter on the panel “Caribbean Conflicts: Dispossession, Colonialism & the Environment”
Simone Schleper – presenter on the panel “The Rise of Global Environmental Governance: Stocktaking and Futuremaking Since Stockholm UN 1972”
Ramya Swayamprakash – participant in the alternative session “Teaching Indigenous History as Environmental History and Vice Versa”
– Astrid Tvetenstrand – presenter on the panel “Art, Photography, Text, and Dialogue: Framing Relations with Nature”

Julia Mead – presenter on the panel “Carbon Footprints: Coal Histories and Their Marks on the Present”
Emily Rabung – presenter on the panel “Emerging Scholars’ Perspectives on War and Environment from the American Civil War Era to the Present”
Ramya Swayampraksh – participant on the roundtable  “Naturalized and Denaturalized: Teaching Capitalism and the Environment”

Heather Green – chair of the panel “Twentieth Century Urban Environmental Histories”
Amanda Lewis-Nang’ea – presenter on the panel “Desertification and Scientific Expertise in the Global South”
Amanda Martin-Hardin – presenter on the panel “Civil Rights, Race, and Outdoor Recreation in the Post-War United States”

*Cover image: Artistic depiction of what the interior of an O’Neill cylinder space colony might look like. For more, see “Space Colony Artwork From the 1970s” from the NASA Ames Research Center.  

[*Cover image description: A landscape with tree-covered hills and a lake at the bottom of a see-through cylinder, with planets and stars in the background.]