Author: Sarah Pickman

Sarah Pickman (she/her) recentely completed her PhD in History at Yale University. Her research considers the material culture of exploration and field science in the late nineteenth- and early twentieth centuries with a focus on quotidien expedition gear such as clothing, food, first aid kits, and tents. She is interested in how these and other mundane items have acted as cultural mediators and embodiments of Western colonialism, and have shaped travelers’ physical and emotional experiences of place, particularly in regions commonly referred to as “extreme environments.” Her essay on clothing for polar expeditions at the turn of the twentieth century appeared in the catalogue for the exhibition Expedition: Fashion from the Extreme (Museum at FIT/Thames & Hudson, 2017), and her writing has appeared in digital publications such as Cosmologics, Somatosphere, History of Anthropology Review, and the Journal of the History of Ideas blog. Sarah’s work has been supported by grants and fellowships from the American Geographical Society, the Hagley Museum and Library, and the MacMillan Center at Yale University.