Ramya Swayamprakash

Ramya Swayamprakash is a doctoral candidate in the Department of History at Michigan State University where she takes dredging and tea very seriously. Her doctoral project explores the origins, motivations, and effects of dredging in the Detroit River between 1865 and 1930, and attempts to offer a new analytical lens by thinking about dredging as a historical, material, and ecological process. Ramya feels passionate about public history—for one, she is currently interning at the Michigan History Center as part of the State Parks Centennial celebrating a hundred years of Michigan’s state parks. She conducted archival research, and also collaborated on interpreting and visualizing that research into exhibition material that was rolled out in summer 2019. Ramya comes to history from an interdisciplinary background in Journalism, Political Science, Science-Policy Studies and Urban Design. In a former life, she studied dams, engineers, and fish in modern India.