Ramya Swayamprakash on U.S.-Canada Border Relations

Today, we’re excited to share the NiCHE Conversations episode in which EHN contributor & Tools for Change editor Ramya Swayamprakash talks about about her experience researching the U.S-Canada border as an immigrant.

This conversation with Jessica DeWitt is based on Ramya’s article on NiCHE, “Twice Removed: Environmental History and the Canada-U.S. Border Through an Outsider’s Eyes,” on negotiating insider/outsider status within and across cultures with respect to her research.

For more on Ramya’s work, see also “Problems of Place: When a Place Chooses You” here on EHN.

*Cover image: An empty Laker going upstream on the Detroit River to pick up cargo, sailing past the Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery in Windsor, ON; Flickr.

[*Cover image description: A large ship moves down a wide river, out of focus, with some city buildings in the background. A series of tall grasses sit in the foreground.]