Emma Moesswilde on Agricultural Climate Resiliency

Today, we’re excited to share the NiCHE Conversations episode in which EHN contributor & outreach coordinator Emma Moesswilde talks about climate resiliency in relation to rural communities and agricultural systems.

This conversation with Jessica DeWitt is based on Emma’s article on NiCHE, “Climate Resilience, Past and Present: Rural Communities and Food Systems,” on the need to develop adaptation strategies in order to ensure the safety and resilience of agricultural land—and those who live and work with it.

For more on Emma’s work, see also “Politics of Nature: Representing Rurality in Environmental History” here on EHN.

*Cover image: At Sylvester Manor in New York, NY. Photo by Emma Moesswilde.

[*Cover image description: An old shingled windmill sits amid burgeoning rows of flowers, vegetables, and herbs in full bloom. Behind the mill, lush trees follow the line of the field towards the horizon. Towering white clouds hover low in the bright blue sky. In the distance, a low hoophouse made of plastic and glass is visible, and a path leads away towards the trees.]