Asmae Ourkiya on Queer Ecofeminism

Today, we’re excited to share the NiCHE Conversations episode in which EHN contributor and content editor Asmae Ourkiya talks about queer ecofeminism and the need to fuse environmental and climate policies and practices with a gender and social justice lens.

This conversation with Jessica DeWitt is based on Asmae’s article on NiCHE, “Queering Ecofeminism: Towards an Anti-Far-Right Environmentalism,” on the value of incorporating a queer, inclusive, feminist, and ecological approach as a way to challenge the persistance of essentialist ideologies and politics.

Note: turn on closed captions.

For more on Asmae’s work, see also “Bodies and Sexuality in Gilead: A Queer Ecofeminist Reading of The Handmaid’s Tale” here on EHN.

*Cover image: Still from “Prelude: Serotiny” of the Metamorphosis series of the Institute of Queer Ecology.

[*Cover image description: A series of six images; the top left image includes a pinecone with blue-purple colored smoke, showing part of the pinecone in x-ray style. The bottom right image closely mirrors this. The top right image depicts a forest from above, with a section in x-ray style in yellow and orange hues in a similar shape as the smoke from the other image. The bottom left image closely mirrors this. The middle top and bottom image also mirror each other, depicting a pinecone on a pine branch with purple-colored smoke behind that connects to that from the corner images.]