Problems of Place: Exploring Altitude, Mountains, and Territorial Defense Coalitions in Central Colombia

Last March, I was part of a session based on EHN’s ongoing blog series on Problems of Place at the ASEH conference in Boston, featuring graduate students and early career scholars who discussed the importance of community, connection, and belonging. I ended up not being able to travel to Boston, but I am grateful I could be part of the session nonetheless. This was my reflection.

For a transcript, click here.

For more on Ángela’s work, see also “Defending Water Against a Mine: Hydrous Society, Environmental Struggles, and Popular Consultations in Colombia” here on EHN.

*Cover image: Tolima region. Photo by author.

[*Cover image description: A green mountain slope with trees going down and two windowless, wooden structures. In the background, a view of the mountains. The top half of the picture, blue sky with clouds.]

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