Black Lives Matter: Listen, Speak Up, Take Action

We stand in solidarity with thousands around the United States and the world who demand justice and an end to police brutality against Black people. We reaffirm our commitment to be a platform for anti-racist environmental scholarship from Black graduate students and early career scholars. Black lives matter.

To the EHN Community:

We have used this time to reflect on our own positionality, what we want for EHN, and doing our part to create meaningful change.

The EHN team is made of contributors who volunteered to serve in these capacities. However, we realize that as a group of white, cis-gendered women, our biases and experiences stand in the way of fully understanding how to ensure that our editorial and promotional practices consistently de-center whiteness. We are actively seeking Black graduate students and early career scholars to join the team.

It’s important that we encourage more work from Black graduate students and early career scholars, and pieces that center the Black experience in U.S. environmental history specifically.

Last week, we shared a statement of solidarity on Twitter. And this Thursday, we will post a list of readings from Black scholars and activists who identify as women, trans and non binary people. The readings included show the inherent importance of addressing racial and economic inequalities. We plan to start sharing more reading lists around particular themes that include the work of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who identify as women, trans and non binary people. More on this soon. 

If you are or know someone who would be willing to serve as part of our team as we work to better pursue these goals, or if you have any other ideas or suggestions for EHN, please do let us know.

Thank you,

Elizabeth, Lindsay, Aly, and Emily

*Cover Image Credit: Womxn by Reyna Noriega.